Keeping Mum in the Picture

MUM……AKA chef, housekeeper, teddy finder and Chief Picture Takerer.

I am a mummy, and a professional photographer. When at home with my family it will always be me that shouts, “Quick, grab the camera, he is doing something cute!” Camera, phone, parchment paper and quill? Whatever captures that one moment that you want to remember forever.

I have beautiful pictures of my son with his Daddy, Nanny and Grandad, the dogs and with my friends; memories that I will treasure forever.  When I finally get round to printing them and putting them in an album it will be a beautiful journey through time for Bailey and a trip down memory lane for me.

But, he will turn to me and say, “Mummy, where were you?”

Ah. I was taking all the pictures. Or if someone said, “here, you jump in on this picture” I was having a ‘fat day’, or no had no make up on.

Ten years from now, I will wish I had pictures of me with my son. So shall I wait that long? No! I am determined to have a family portrait done this year. Not all sitting in a line with a cheesy smile on our face, but of real life, as Bailey will remember it. Out on his scooter, playing with the dogs, building sandcastles! Most importantly of all, holding mummy’s hand and squirming away from kisses and hugs. Because I WAS there! Documenting his life through a lens.

MUMS! GET IN THE PICTURE! It doesn’t have to be cheesy, it doesn’t have to be formal, it just needs to be true. Give your children pictorial memories of them with mummy, you won’t regret it.


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