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The Summer of 2016 in Bloom

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The first time I smell the honeysuckle on the cusp of summer or catch the scent of a nearby chimney as autumn transitions into winter it whisks me straight off down memory lane – transporting me off to another time and place where the worries of adulthood had yet to be felt and childhood games and dinnertime was all that really mattered. Similarly, when you reach out for that special, ‘date night’ perfume, it instantly evokes the memory of that first venture out along with it and that goodnight kiss that you have never quite forgotten.



Scent and memory are inextricably linked and flowers have their own powerful way of reminding you of an important and, maybe, unique experience in your life. After those sweet, fleeting moments of your Wedding Day have passed, your signature flowers are one of the few keepsakes that will enable you to travel back and re-create those golden images for you whenever you wish. Therefore, Grooms can also return to this theme for Valentine’s Day presents or general anniversaries and have that special bouquet made all over again. Fancy making your wife go a bit wistful and gooey? Want to earn major brownie points?  Easy answer, guys. Go and recreate your wife’s wedding bouquet.

longlevens flowers-4

The current trend is for gigantic bouquets – the type that look as though the bride has wandered through a meadow on her way to the church, amassed her favourites and then pulled a ribbon from her hair to tie them up. It isn’t particularly symmetrical. They aren’t arranged in any particular fashion – but they are wild, bohemian and absolutely gorgeous.


Another fashion that I am noticing more and more is to use similar flowers and props but not identical arrangements on each table. This helps couple that are trying to steer away from that very formal look and allows the lean towards that rustic, romance that can be so easily be achieved  with just a little more care and thought. Consider using a mixture of wooden vessels of different shapes and sizes and add varying intensities of a single colour to cleverly create an ombré effect. After that, add lots of different leafy greens. For an excited festival feel, consider meadow-grown style flowers in relaxed, roomy arrangements. To create an even less formal appearance, your cloth-covered tables can even be a mix of round, square and rectangular.


Sunflowers are a quintessential summer flower and are a firm favourite amongst  brides. The bright, yellow petals are warm and cheerful, while the dark centres add a juxta positional touch of drama. Of course, while sunflowers are the perfect complement to a rustic, country-themed celebration, if they are skilfully paired up with other flowers and greenery, they can also take on a much more formal look. The key is restraint. Try to use just the right amount of sunflowers without going overboard.

sunflower 1 (2)

So, if you’re a sunflower-lover, definitely plan on a July, August, or September wedding when the blooms are at their peak. Here is a novel way to incorporate the cheery flower into your wedding that I came across in my professional capacity – shooting a wedding – a long time ago…

The bride and groom presented each of their guests with a packet of sunflower seeds as their wedding favours, with a note to all of them to, ‘watch love grow’. How is that for a ‘scent’ -iment that lingers?!

I do hope that this has planted a seed or two of an idea in you. I will leave you to stalk out your nearest nursery or florist, weed out the weak saps, and find your fresh array of flirtatious fragrances.

Until next month, then. – Good luck!

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Oobaloos Wedding Photography Featured In The English Wedding Blog

Now you may remember I wrote a blog a few months back called

‘Your photographer is for life, not just your wedding’

featuring Lucinda, Alex and little Flo.

I have recorded the milestones for this lovely little family for a while now, and I think it is safe to say that the feeling is mutual for wanting to continue this for many years to come. When I wrote that blog I was very excited to be shooting their upcoming wedding at Ellenborough Park, Cheltenham.  Did we think that one of the biggest blogs in the country would pick it for publication? Nope! Well….here it is! In awe again of all the work that went on behind the scenes of this wedding to make it Picture Perfect.

Read the feature here on The English Wedding Blog!

Special mention has to go to my lovely friend Amy Hickey who really does make every bride look and feel like a princess in their bridal make up. Teamed with Cat at Yoshi Hair, they made the bridal preparation experience complete….along with some prosecco!!


 TOSH-82 TOSH-89 TOSH-90

Once again it is with great pleasure to be featured alongside Cheltenham’s finest party/covers band TOSH-584 TOSH-585 TOSH-592

 I really hope you enjoy this feature as much as I have! Thank you Lucinda and Alex for the most glowing review!!



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