The Cheltonian: Hatiquette


Hello again! Well, we are well and truly into the wedding season and I have already photographed some really stunning weddings.
Now, what would a wedding be if not a really good reason to go and splurge out on a new outfit and then, of course, the ubiquitous hat!
I spoke to Cotswolds Milliner Lisa Von Hallwyl  about what to look for as just a wedding guest and then also as if you were Mother of the Bride or Groom. Style- Some women like to go for lightness when it comes to hats.
My best tip for this is go smaller with floral detail. If it’s in the summer, go for a trilby style – like some in my summer collection. Then again, it could be a summer straw piece perfect to wear again and again. Tilt- The correct shape of the hat will depend on how you position it to suit your own style. So, make sure that when it’s designed, it conforms to your individual needs and is totally wearable for the day.
Embellish- If you love sparkle then add some Swarovski – a stunning crystal with tiny prisms that catch the light and which enable you to sparkle from ear to ear! Match- Always make sure that you at least match up. Even if you don’t manage to match the shoes then, maybe, get part of them embellished so that they flow together. 1. As a rule of thumb, never ever just get a hat that you haven’t tried on. I know this sounds silly but a lot of women do it – especially those that are in a hurry.
2. Get measured. Everyone’s head size is different so get properly fitted for the occasion. If it’s Ladies’ Day, then the press will be out in force – you don’t want to be caught out and end up in the papers for looking mismatched!
Hair- Consider how it will be, up or down? Some hats obviously suit styles of hair being up and some suit down. Before choosing your hair style you need to find a hat, so work your hair around it – not the other way around!
Build- For smaller women it’s great to go for height. However, don’t out-proportion yourself. Don’t readily assume that height is the best way of getting noticed with your hat. The best hats are the ones that suit the entirety of the look. Taller and the more curvy women with good sized hips go for something slightly shaped with a slant giving your body shape and stature.
A bridal prep69
Hat protection- Keeping your hat protected is very important. For instance, make sure that it’s been covered in waterproof coating should it be threaten to rain.
Shoulder span- When considering your statement hat, width of shoulders and neck is of great importance. For those that have petite shoulders and are slim in build then going beyond your width will give what I call the mushroom effect – especially if it’s a flat hat. It starts to make you look smaller – especially a basic brim. If you want a big hat then start from one side of your shoulder and think about height and have it at a slant so that it lifts you rather than widening you.
For more curvy women – i.e. if you have broader shoulders and curvy hips – then don’t go for a small hat as it won’t compliment your shape. Rather, accent by the use of a taller hat with shape which will then have the effect of elongating your figure.
Have fun -Wear something that you feel good and comfortable in. Hopefully, it will be a long and happy day for all concerned – but parts of it could become a little arduous, so make sure that you get to the end of it in relative comfort and, more to the point, intact!

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Vintage Inspired Barn Shoot : Featured in Way Out Wedding!!

See our exciting feature on the eclectic blog HERE!!


It was truly and honour to work with the ultimate professional in the vintage scene, burlesque performer,Miss Missy Malone! Topped of with an original Indian Ambassador Car supplied by Kushi Cars! The eclectic mix in this styled shoot was all bought together by Hollie of Daisy Says I do and she worked the team together so very beautifully along with pulling many, many, many , many long hours handcrafting and sourcing pretty much everything you see in these images.

Thank you to Deano, the owner of Tokyo Tattoo for being bullied into being our male model! We won’t forget it!! Style co ordination was by Emma at Monrose Vintage Inspired Store. She worked with headpiece from local designer Bo Diddley Bridal and International  company Crown and Glory for two different looks.

Flowers were Charlotte Elizabeth Bespoke Floristy and the vintage tables and chairs were from Josephine’s Fabulous Flowers and Furniture Hire

This outstanding cake was designed and created by Sophie at The Cheltenham Cakery. She nailed our brief so perfectly!!!

A last minute addition to our shoot was the AWESOME feature chair by interior designer, Shere Morady! She was on site at the time and we just had to have it!

And where would a bride and groom be without jewellery? Sarie Joynes Bespoke Jewellery completed our look.


Thank you To Rare Event Media for filming us!!


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Secret styled Barn shoot featured in The English Wedding Blog

Our secret styled shoot featured in The English Wedding Blog

Please excuse my tardiness in sharing this blog link. I had a little holiday and it is now fully flung wedding season. But I have got to it now and I assure you it is worth the wait!!

Hollie and I sat down in the winter and brain stormed a magical barn wedding shoot at Priors Tithe Barn, Glos. From that moment I knew we would work well together. I had lots of contacts that I was itching to work with and Hollie had the vision. We were soon joined by our model Kristi from Poppy’s Events, whom, a met a few years back when we both modelled in a Wedding Show. Once Charlotte Elizabeth Floristry joined our team we were flying! We all then met with Charlotte from Lauren Charlotte Bridal to find the perfect dress. Sarie Joynes provided the jewellery that complemented our look perfectly.

I called upon my buddy Amy Hickey for make up, as I flipping love working with her, she’s a hoot!! The full look was topped off by Alice from Ella Hair.

Cakes by KIT supplied an absolute beaut!

You can see the entire shoot being filmed by Gill at Rare Events media

Video Link

So please, follow the link to the entire shoot HERE and leave some comments if you like it!!

I have attached some of the images of the team at work behind the scenes!!

A very big THANK YOU to my buddy Natasha Ewins who stepped in to help me out with second shooting of the details, you will even find a picture of yours truly down at the bottom!

Metallics-2 Metallics-3 Metallics-6 Metallics-9 Metallics-10 Metallics-13 Metallics-23 Metallics-25 Metallics-28 Metallics-32 Metallics-45 Metallics-47 Metallics-48 Metallics-77 Metallics-117 Metallics-118 Metallics-119 Metallics-123 Metallics-129 Metallics-143 Metallics-150 Metallics-161 Metallics-201


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Oobaloos Wedding Photography and Daisy Says I do in ‘The Cheltonian’

tithe barn-540

The Cheltonian, Pages 36 and 37

This month, I spoke to a talented pal and an all round handy gal to know, Hollie Freeland, from Daisy Says I do Wedding Styling. We had just collaborated on an awesome project together and I was intrigued to find out if the DIY minded bride could create these effects herself!

 Grab yourself a cuppa, pop your feet up and get these fabulous tips from the professional of the wedding business!

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Choosing the décor and style of your wedding can be a difficult decision, especially in a DIY venue. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by beautiful blogs, magazines and Pinterest boards! Whilst it’s great to get ideas and see what others have created, it’s more important to consider what you want the tone of your wedding to be and how you can reflect all of the differing personalities. Of course, your budget will affect a lot of the decisions that you make but there is still a lot that you can do when rearranging to make savings without sacrificing on style.

Planning ahead affords you the time to source items at a much lower cost – whatever the style that you are trying to achieve. Prioritising your spending is paramount. Consider your venue and which of its areas are going to be the key backdrops:  behind your cake, top table or the dance floor. Try to focus on creating an impact in those areas rather than attempting to decorate the whole room.

Creating DIY décor does reduce the cost significantly – but only when you shop around for the raw materials. Tissue paper may look cheap at first but to create an impact with your DIY pom-poms you will need a lot of it and, believe me, it can soon add up.

Ask around to see if the candelabra that you like can be bought at wholesale prices. Don’t be afraid to ask for discounts and also keep an eye on online bridal groups. Sometimes, people are selling on their wedding items – however, only buy the things that you really need as it’s so easy to purchase purely for the price instead of collecting together those items that will have the most impact.

Before buying all your wedding items yourself, it is often worth asking wedding stylists for a quote as well. It may not cost as much as you think and they often have an abundance of different styled items and also large quantities available to hire. With a stylist on hand, they will also be able to advise you on how to create a cohesive theme and effectively incorporate your DIY projects into it. Wedding stylists and venue decorators often provide different levels of service – so whether you love creating your own items or find DIY décor frightening, you can work the available advice and service round to receive the level of help and education that is required. Everything from full venue styling to just having help dressing your venue on the morning of the wedding, with all the items you’ve lovingly made, can be easily gained with a little forethought and planning.

If you have decided to completely go for it and fully create your vision with a little help from friends and family, then there a few tips that will allow this accommodation more easily. Try not to buy items one at a time – if you have 10 tables and a very large room, then one item won’t have much impact and you will be gambling on finding similar items to suit. The same principle applies to your DIY items – make more than you think you will need; your boxes of decorations might look like a lot in your hallway but it can be very disheartening to get to the venue and see that your paper flowers look tiny inside that vast, cavernous space. Buy a couple of cans of good quality spray paints in several different shades of your chosen colour scheme. There are lots of items that will look just perfect when sprayed with your theme colour – but don’t get carried away! Focus on your three key backdrops and create high impact, large-scale ideas in those areas and consider how you can use those same areas well. Can the speeches take place in front of one? Could your Guestbook be better off in another?

By simply carrying out these afore-mentioned tips and pointers, your hard work will be amply rewarded and afford you those stunning backdrops to your all-important photos.

Flowers by Charlotte Elizabeth Bespoke Floristry

Jewellery designed and supplied by Sarie Joynes Bespoke Jewellery

Cakes by  The Cheltenham Cakery and Cakes by Kit

Models: Missy Malone and Kristi Flower

Venue: Priors Tithe Barn, Glos

alternative-122 tithe barn-540 kristi-159 kristi-6 EWB Styled-61 EWB Styled-60 EWB Styled-56 EWB Styled-54 alternative-326 alternative-321 alternative-180 kristi-182 WOW-13 WOW-21 WOW-37

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