Left at the Altar…Why? You decide…..

Oh my god,  Oh my god,  Oh my god, did this actually happen?! YES! IT DID!!

I had a vision. It came to me one evening after night after night of editing client work. I felt like I needed to shoot something raw, emotional, for no one elses approval other than my own. I envisaged steaming makeup, deep crimson florals, wild hair, a tinge of Miss Haversham. Can you tell why I was getting excited yet? The first person I spoke to was my buddy Amy Hickey, make up extraordinaire and one of the funniest ladies I know. She was all over it like a rash. Like myself, after striving for the perfection of bridal makeup, its nice to bust out and go wild!

Then i needed to find the perfect model. Recently, all over my Facebook feed was a lady called Lucinda Thayers, recently crowned Miss Cheltenham. I asked, she said yes! That was simple! I originally thought to trash my own wedding dress (again) then realised that Lucinda was quite a bit dinkier than me! Ooooops! (I blame children…not the bacon and wine).

Would you believe that Lauren Charlotte Bridal  had a couple of out of season, teeny tiny dresses out the back that she was happy for me to use? Well, yes, because Charlotte is lovely like that.

I needed just one more person to make my vision come to life. Flowers. A friend sent me to Esther at Flower Style Co who after recently moving back to Cheltenham was very keen to network. When I collected the floral crown and bouquet for her, I was gobsmacked. It was like she had plucked the vision directly from inside my head!

Shoot day finally comes….with glorious golden hour, a light wind, my assistant Tashabelle with her trusty camera and a lot of giggles. And a few stares from residents as we strolled over in a bizarre looking procession to a nearby field. We started shooting. I was in seventh heaven. I hope you can see why…..





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Winners {little ones at the big event}

Winners of {little ones at the big event}

1st Place : Angela Sundby

As if she is imagining her own day. Dreamy


2nd place : Of Fate & Chaos

A fantastic sense of how tiny she is


3rd Place : Vita Vestra Photography

Blacklit and free…beautiful


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