Natalie and Jim’s Barn Wedding in Cider Country

I met Natalie and Jim through a mutual friend and was excited when they contacted me about their DIY wedding in Jim’s aunty’s working farm barn down in Somerset! It was this time a year ago that they travelled to me so we could meet and have an engagement shoot with their furbaby Chester….

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Natalie and Jim’s wedding was set in the heart of Cider Country, and this theme played pretty heavily in their day! Will their own ‘Chesters Choice’ and a bath tub full of Thatchers.

The barn was decorated in lampshades and fairy lights and all flowers (believe it or not) were faux. Which, because of the heat that day, was an extremely good decision.

Everybody pitched in on this wedding to make it a ‘family style’ with platters of proper farmhouse grub and a stunning cake!!

I adored my tea in the china cups and cake….a well fed photographers is a happy photographer!!!


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Blue hair, tats, an authentic stetson and a couple that rock it!

Round Two of my Sunset Couples shoots! I met Shelley and Pete at a wedding last year and I loved their style, and their attitude. I picked them as the ‘Photographers Choice’ win as they fit in exactly with me, my style, and my slightly kookie ways!

Please enjoy these images, we had a lot of fun, I was in the river too and I adore this session!!


shelleypete-1 shelleypete-4 shelleypete-5 shelleypete-8 shelleypete-9 shelleypete-10 shelleypete-11 shelleypete-13 shelleypete-14 shelleypete-15 shelleypete-16 shelleypete-19 shelleypete-20 shelleypete-21 shelleypete-22 shelleypete-23 shelleypete-24 shelleypete-25 shelleypete-26 shelleypete-27 shelleypete-28 shelleypete-29 shelleypete-30 shelleypete-31 shelleypete-32 shelleypete-33 shelleypete-34 shelleypete-35 shelleypete-37 shelleypete-38 shelleypete-39 shelleypete-40 shelleypete-41 shelleypete-43 shelleypete-44 shelleypete-45 shelleypete-47

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OobaLove is OobaLove #LBGT #Oobalove

In July this year I held a competition on my Facebook Page, Oobaloos Photography, for 3 lucky couples to win a Sunset Couples Shoot with me with all of the images. I was overwhelmed by the response and had 3 ways to win. The most votes, random pick, and photographers choice. I have to say I was delighted when the computer picked out Andy and Justin. I have followed Andy for a while through his career as Pandora La Roux, one of Cheltenham’s premier Drag Artistes and I couldn’t wait to shoot his as ‘Andy’ with his fiance. Now I just need them to set the date so we can start planning their wedding! (subtle hint there boys!)

Here are a few words from the boys themselves…

Andy says “I met Sheryl a few years ago at work and she quickly became one of my absolute favourite clients. We’ve been planning our wedding for years and I’ve always loved Sheryl’s photography work, so naturally she’s been at the top of my list of potential wedding photographers. When she ran a competition to win a free couples shoot I jumped at the chance and to my surprise and delight we won! Neither myself or Justin, my partner of eight and a half years, are ever thrilled at the prospect of having our photograph taken (unless I’m wearing a wig, a dress and five inches of make-up) so we went into the shoot feeling suitably apprehensive. Sheryl made us feel instantly comfortable and at ease and we had so much fun on the shoot, as you can probably tell! She not only captured the love and affection that we have for each other but also the fun and laughter we all shared during the shoot, and we absolutely love the photographs. Now we know for certain there is no one else we want to shoot our wedding, it has to be Sheryl!”

Justin added “It was a great surprise to win the prize and not having done anything like it didn’t know what to expect. Sheryl made it so much fun that I completely forgot the camera was there and the results are amazing! Thank you.”

See Pandy in action here!

Remember to contact me if you have any questions regarding couples shoots, engagement shoots and weddings. I always love a chat! Keep up with my daily ‘goings ons’ on my Facebook page and my Instagram!

collage 3


collage 1r

collage 2r

collage 4r

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Festival Styled DIY wedding with the Golden Touch

When I spoke to Kate about her and Jon’s wedding, I was immediately excited. They aren’t local to the Cotswolds and had been looking for a venue somewhere central for all of their family to get to easily from across the country and indeed the globe. They found a little church in Rodmarton with the perfect field just a few minute walk up the road adjoined to the Village Hall.

The ceremony was to be a blessing, surrounded by all of their friends and family, followed by an all-out festival styled party. They made quite a procession walking down from the church leaving their cricket bat archway!

Kate styled this day perfectly, with details some delicately placed, gold animals, bespoke artwork by her bridesmaid for table plan and even a good ol British pub quiz (requested and hosted by a close American friend)

On the phone, Kate mentioned a ‘Kazoo-Off’…..I didn’t ask…I just waited to see. this involved every table being given a song to play as a team and everyone else guess it! Since the room was half full of musicians, you can guess that this got pretty competitive!

The day was topped off by glorious weather, light cloud cover, and as the evening drew in, the party commenced with guest DJ’s, bands, and a whole lot of dancing.

I made no secret to Kate and Jon that I couldn’t wait to edit their wedding, so here it is….I hope you love it as much as I do!!

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