The Cotswolds to The Capital: Wedding Photography Workshop

This weekend I jumped in my little red car and pootled along the M4 and M25…the M25 was a far slower pootle I might add. Friday night commute, yay!! Eventually I landed in Sidcup,  and stayed with my best friend of a million gazillion years.

The next morning, said best friend saved me a whole load of trouble and ran me up to Greenwich, since parking in town is either impossible or ridiculously expensive! There I finally met the awesome Lisa Lobanova. We had been planning and discussing and skyping about our workshop since mid December and it was so good to finally meet!

We set up at The Greenwich Arts and Community Centre for our Theory day. There, Lisa and I both went through everything we both know about the different ways to start in Wedding Photography, how to stand out, be yourself, and keep clients happy. And do you know what? Lisa and I cant half talk!! But fun was had by all, with lots of questions, discussion and some fab points raised.

Day 2 started off at The Novotel’s conference room talking through Creative shooting, how to shoot in the City, making the most of other people as props, the general street art around you, hard and artificial light sources, and how to put them into practise.

In the afternoon, 9 of us followed our beautiful couple, with the stylist around the streets of Greenwich and into the famous Greenwich Park. Stylist Ksenia Fokina kept changing up our couples looks with different colours, textures and accessories. We started with a relaxed engagement shoot style, then upped to to an elopement style and finished with a very funky bride in her gown and Groom in a tux. Ksenia was on hand at every moment to keep our couple looking tip top for our crowd of photographers.

Tatiana Doroguaya was our make up artist and hair stylist for the shooting part of the workshop and gave our bride Sasha a stunning natural but slighty smokey look which really showed off those baby blue peepers! Her hair was tonged and styled in soft waves and braids for a boho look.

Both Lisa and I set up our shots, directed the couples and led the group with pointers and prompts of how and why we were shooting as we were. Everyone had ample opportunity to get their shots and from what I am seeing coming through the groups this morning, they are already looking STUNNING! I am so proud!

It was a fantastic honour teaching alongside Lisa Lobanova, a photographer that I have admired for years! I cannot wait to share with you some of the resulting images from the attendees and some more of their feedback.


“This weekend couldn’t be better! Two amazing and inspiring teachers, talented group of beautiful ladies and this sunny weather!

Thanks everyone, it was a pleasure and I cannot wait to see our results”


Thank you to the team that helped make it all happen:

My co-host: Lisa Lobanova

Models: Sasha and Andrey

Couples stylist :  Ksenia Fokina Facebook and Instagram

Hair and Make up: Tatiana Dorogaya

Florist: Valentina Bogdevic

Gowns: Models own


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