Fran & Liam’s Magical Wedding Day at Matara

Francesca Hill (was Moore) and Liam Hill

 20th July 2018

Matara Centre Tetbury 

What made you decide to get married where you did?

The feel of the place, very unique and the staff were laid back and very open to let you do what you like. Also having the house on the grounds as well so everything was in one place.

How long was your wedding planning process?

We got engaged in the January of 2016 and booked the venue by end of Feb. So around year and a half.

How would you describe your wedding day in 3 words?

Perfect, Dreamy, Fun

How did you meet?

Known each other since primary school. Liam is friends with my brother 

What was the proposal like?

Amazing – we were skiing in St Anton in Austria and we went to the highest viewing point called Valluga. It was just us and was a massive surprise. We were on holiday with our friends as well so then spent the afternoon celebrating with some Apres ski.  

How did you choose your photographer?

I found this the hardest thing to decide on and originally booked someone else but changed my mind due to not being 100% and photos are the most important thing when it comes to a wedding. The day goes by so fast and this is all you have afterwards.

Dress designer?

Victoria Jane by Ronald Joyce from Krystle Brides in Bath.

And the suit? And bridesmaids?

Suits were all from Moss Bros. Bridesmaid dresses are from Coast

Theme or colour scheme?

Pink and grey 


Chrissie Wiltshire Flowers

What did you eat?

Ham Hock Scotch Egg to start, chicken in a tarragon sauce for main and lemon posset with a blackberry crumble.

And the wedding cake?


4 layers. Chocolate orange, Victoria sponge, Bakewell and fruit cake on top.

Any special moments, mentions or highlights of the day?

The most special was walking down the aisle, was perfect and the choir were amazing (vocal gospel choir).

A highlight was my bridesmaid Lori stealing the microphone from the band: Interlight and doing her own karaoke!

I also loved staying in the house was so lovely and I was so chilled on the morning which I didn’t think I would be! This was helped by the amazing Charlotte Tillyer who did my make up by making us all look fantastic!

Also all of my guests commented on how amazing Darren Campbell was! Still trying to work out how that card ended up in a sealed tonic water!!

Makeup and Hair by Charlotte Tillyer

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Tasha & Dan at Lyde Court

Full names: Tasha Johnson, Daniel Johnson

Date of wedding:  Saturday 22nd September 2018

Location of ceremony and reception: Lyde Court Barns Hereford

What made you decide to get married where you did?:

I always wanted a barn wedding and it was the first location Dan clicked on but we thought it looked out of our price range. We decided to go for a viewing anyway just to see and fell in love and realised it wasn’t out of our budget! Dan likes modern buildings but as soon as we walked into the barn he wanted the venue just as much as me.

How long was your wedding planning process? 

We planned it all in a year, but it came so quick it felt like 2 months! We weren’t going to get married for another couple of years, but with family illness we wanted to push it forward. So we chose to do the two most expensive things (buy a house and get married) in a year! It was stressful but with good friends and family and of course Dan on my side they helped me all the way through it. 

How would you describe your wedding day in 3 words? Smiley, So us, Fun!

How did you meet?:  Dan put a funny comment on someones Facebook which I liked it. He then added me and messaged me. He wasn’t cringy or flirty he was just such a nice person to talk to. (Also funny but I don’t want to boost his ego too much) 😉 So I was going to Worcester for a night out, found out that he was also going to the same place. (I think he did it on purpose but doesn’t want to admit it) 😉 SO I was dancing on the stage in Sin Nightclub and I went to step off the stage and literally fell off it straight into the back of Dan. With that the back of my shorts had split so the whole of my backside was on show. I told him i’ll be right back, legged it to the toilet, had the lady pin it for me and came back out. No way were split shorts going to stop me from introducing myself! He likes to tell everyone “I literally fell for him” from then we went outside and we didn’t stop talking all night. No awkward silences. No cringy trying it on with me too early. Just getting to know eachother and he made me laugh so much. We then two days later went on our first date ice skating up Solihul. It was like we had known eachother for years. I think the best relationships are always built on friendship, I could see that he was different and what I had been missing in my life. 

What was the proposal like? Dan had arranged for a couple of our close friends for all of us to go back to the ice rink of our first date. As we were skating one of our song came on and as were we skating together the DJ called for everyone to stop. Dan got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I Had no idea it was coming even though we had been skating to one of our songs for a good minute. I just thought the DJ had coincidentally put the song on. I of course said yes!

How did you choose your photographer? I was scrolling through Instagram looking at the Lyde Court tags and saw one photograph in particular I loved. I clicked on it and saw that it was Sheryl who had taken it and I didnt even look for any others I booked her straight away. 

Dress designer? WED2B.  I thought I was going to be really picky and take for ages to find a dress. I went with my Maid of Honour (my best friend of 20 years).  First shop 8 dresses later I found the one I wanted. I rang Dan and told him I wanted this dress. He couldn’t believe it because he knows what i’m like. I had seen the veil I wanted all along online. Tried it on in the shop and fell in love even more. I also did my own hair and makeup on the day.

And the suit? And bridesmaids?  

Suits – Dunken James. I said to Dan you can pick your suit as I trust him enough to match everything up. Even though our colour scheme was blue, Dan chose pale rose gold. The lady in the shop was really worried I wasn’t going to like the colour, but I said after I know he will look handsome regardless. Suprisingly the colours matched! The paleness of both ties and bridesmaid dresses went really well together.

Bridesmaid dresses – Quiz It took me forever to find the dresses I wanted because I find bridesmaid dresses to be really ugly, there was no way I would let them look horrible. They were one of the main things  I brought last because I was so picky. 

Maid of Honour – Chi Chi London I let Ammy pick her own dress as she has a uique style which I love and didn’t want to take that away from her. In my opinion she looked bloody beautiful!! Not being Biased 😉 

Theme or colour scheme?  Our favourite colour is blue so that was our main colour. I think I went a bit blue mad. So did Ammy when she planned my Hen do! It all matched though 😉 

We didn’t have theme as such but I said to Dan I want to inject into our wedding all of our memories with people. So I sat in Boots for over an hour printing 145 pictures of all of our friends and family. I tied them all together with pegs to put along by the bars so people can reminisce. 

Flowers? Ebay  beautifulbouquetsshop

What did you eat? Homemade Bangers and Mash with vegetable and gravy, vegetable option was the same but with vegetable sausages and gravy. Puddings were a choice of Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Apple Pie with ice cream. 

And the wedding cake? Amalea who is my Maid of Honour and myself made it together the day before I got married on the Friday. We had one trial run prior to this and when Ammy lifted up the cake to put it on the side, it completely fell over and squashed! It was hilarious. 

Any special moments, mentions or highlights of the day?

One highlight has to be all throughout the wedding process I had to hide and plan one of Dans presents from him it was so hard! I went to a recording studio which Ammy had organised for me, where I sang an accoustic version of “Be my Baby – The Ronettes”. Ammy played the guitar for me and we also harmonised in the background. Big shout out to Alan Evans – Serious Studios Stourport who put it all together and produced it for me. When me and Dan started playing our first dance he kept looking at me and saying “Their playing the wrong version” Then when he listened a bit more he realised that it was me singing to him.

THE RAIN!!! Never did I think rain on my wedding day would actually be a good thing. It rained from start to finish. We didn’t let it bother us once though. Because of the rain we were supposed to have our confetti line outside on the grass, it was moved inside where we said our vows. I am so pleased we did it there because the pictures were amazing it was like it was meant to be. It also meant that people were in the same place a lot of the time so it made it more personal. When we went off to have our photos separately. Everyone followed and kept joining in. Bless Sheryl she just kept snapping away saying “NEXT” and the pictures were perfect. All natural and lots of everyone. I also brought some brollies because of the rain and they looked amazing in the photographs! People also didn’t worry what they looked like because we were all so wet. People concentrated on having fun more. 

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