Wick Farm ~ Jodie & Ben

Ben & Jodie’s Wedding Story

Wick Farm, Bath

5th Sept 2019

“After we got engaged, and when we first started looking at everything we’d like in a wedding, we knew exactly where we wanted to prioritise – a beautiful barn venue, a live band, and top of the list: an amazing photographer. And since getting married we’ve had so many lovely comments from guests, all complimenting – you guessed it – the beautiful barn venue, the live band, and obviously, the photographer!

We looked around a few barn venues in our local area but Wick Farm near Bath stood out to us. It was exactly what we wanted, and for us, was the perfect balance between “rustic charm” and “something a little bit special”. At their open day we met Sophie from Flowers at the Conservatory, who spoke to us with such passion about our ideas for flower colours and themes, that we just knew she was the florist for us. Some people looked baffled when we told them we wanted purple and orange flowers, but Sophie just ‘got it’, and she absolutely delivered! Her enthusiasm and knowledge helped make it all extra special.

We also met Louise at the open day, the Duke of Cakes, who designed a cake for us that perfectly fit in with our rustic but flowery vibe (Side note, it was also blooming’ delicious!). Meeting them at a Wick Farm Open Day also meant they knew the venue like the back of their hand, which took a load off of our minds come the “Morning Of”! …and speaking of making our lives easier – the caterers at Wick Farm, Strawberry Fields Catering, were brilliant. Not only was the food absolutely scrumptious, but Tina, the coordinator, kept the whole day running effortlessly smoothly so we didn’t have to worry about a thing. She was such a lovely person to have around too. From helping pin on some awkward buttonholes, to knowing just what to say and when, Tina was always there and did it all – thanks Tina!

Our band, Dirty Weekend, were fantastic. They theme sets around festivals, for example Isle of White festival is a 70s-themed set, Live Aid is an 80s set, etc. They carefully curate the setlists to keep people up on the dance floor, and it worked – the floor was jam packed all night! They even learned our first dance for us for free and performed that live! Last but not least (and why you’re probably here in the first place) is our photographer.

We had an agreement before we started organising our wedding that when we saw something we really liked, we’d just go for it and stop looking any further. We found that rule pretty hard to stick to on a few occasions, and even broke it a couple of times, but when it came to Sheryl there was no question! Sheryl is phenomenal, there’s no other word.

When we were scouring the internet for a wedding photographer, her work really stood out – both in its quality, and her unique style. It was classy, arty, yet completely unpretentious. We initially thought her website probably just showed the best of her work, a select few shots from the most attractive couples’ weddings, but the more we looked the more we realised she really is just that good!

Having Sheryl around on the day was also a delight. She organised the guests with military precision, but kept things super fun and enjoyable at the same time! Both of us usually hate having our photos taken, and neither of us are really comfortable posing, but we can honestly say that having our couples photos taken at various points throughout the day was one of the highlights of our wedding! Sheryl made us feel at ease, relaxed, and most of all like the 3 of us were friends. This is how the photos look so natural! She then made sure we had the time we needed away from everyone else, which let us have some lovely tranquil moments that we’ll never forget.

She even gave us a sneak peak of some of her favourite shots after lunch, which was such a nice surprise. By the time we went to bed there were 70 or so initial edits to look through and share!

Now, just a smidge over 4 weeks later, we’ve received all the photos and we couldn’t be more over the moon with the results! We do have to wonder though, did Sheryl really do all of this on her own? For example, how are there photos from the front AND the back of the ceremony, without us even noticing her running past us?!

We’ll just have to chalk that, and countless other things, up to her genius.”


Enjoy the following highlight gallery…


Credit where credit is due…

Hair and makeup by South West Bridal: Emily and Laura

Gown from Clifton Brides

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Gants Mill ~ Becky & Kevin

Gants Mill ~ 7th September 2019

I initially found Sheryl’s work while browsing ‘Rock n Roll Bride’ magazine and instantly fell in love. As
we hadn’t even booked a venue, or were even engaged at that point, I just admired her work from

Once my partner had proposed and we’d found our venue, Gants Mill, I was looking through

‘GoHen’s top 50 UK Wedding Photographers’ 

and ‘Oobaloos’ popped up again – it seemed like a sign! I
showed her photos to Kevin and he loved them, so I contacted Sheryl and was amazed that she
replied as she was currently on holiday in Florida! Luckily our date was free, even if it was just under
two years away.

We met Sheryl for a pre wedding chat and she was so friendly and welcoming, and I remember
afterwards saying to my partner – “she’s exactly the kind of person you want around you on your
wedding morning”.

About a year later we had our engagement photoshoot, which we were both
nervous about. I was especially terrified as I had lost a lot of weight in the lead up to the wedding
and was used to hating all photos of myself. After the initial awkwardness on my part, we then just walked
around and chatted, while also stopping for the occasional photo. It was extremely laid back and
when we got our engagement photos back, I was amazed that I finally had photos that I didn’t
entirely pick myself apart on.

Sheryl is certainly a wizard behind the camera and it made us feel even
more excited for our wedding day.

On the wedding day when Sheryl arrived, she was so laid back and it really did feel like just having a
friend with me getting ready.  Both Sheryl and Greg, the gentleman who
owns Gant’s Mill, just want the best for you. Everything they both do on the day is to ensure that
you are having the best day, and they both want everything to just run smoothly.

Receiving our wedding photos made me cry. Sheryl manages to capture the emotion and happiness in every photo
– even if that is me pulling some questionable facial expressions. We even showed people in Mexico
our sneak peek photos and they commented that it looks like something out of a movie. I show
everyone who’s willing to see them, and constantly recommend Sheryl on any of the wedding
groups I’m on, because I just cannot speak more highly of her work and the genuinely lovely person
she is.

Thank you Sheryl, love Becky and Kev xxx

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Dogs at Weddings

Are you a couple in puppy love? Why not let your pooch play a part in your big day?

I make no secret about the fact I am a Mad Dog Lady. Before I even owned a camera, I was known around Cheltenham as Safe N Sound Pet Care since 2003. I have had dogs all my life, and spent the last 15 years caring for the pooches of the Cotswolds. Anyone following my social media will know all about the escapades of our Kodi and Roo. The dynamic duo, the Laurel and Hardy, the Morcambe and Wise, the Ying and Yang of the dog world. Kodi is a 2 year old Saint Bernard X Newfoundland girl and Roo (Rupert) is an 11 month old Westie boy. They make people laugh wherever they go and are the best of friends.

We recently offered a home to a young Jack Russell girl who we’ve named Remi and she is feisty, and adorable and has fitted in with Kodi and Roo so beautifully. Here are my babies!

I know that the right couples are finding me when their first enquiries include “we are bringing our dog/s” 


My very first professional photography was Dog Portraits and UKA Agility competition photography. Its given me a very fast trigger finger and certainly helped me hone the skill of capturing unique and fleeting moments. I am so happy when our four legged friends are part of your day and they are a delight to capture and to help tell your wedding story. 


There are so many ways to include dogs in weddings.

-Make man’s best friend a member of the bridal party—whether ring bearer, flower girl, best man, or maid of honour.

-Dogs in weddings should look just as dapper as the rest of the wedding party. Think bow-ties and tuxedos for boys, floral collars and tutus for girls.

-Pets are known to help reduce anxiety. Before you walk down the aisle, spend a few moments snuggling your sweet pooch.

-Enjoy some private time between the ceremony and reception soaking up your first few moments as a married couple. A walk with your dogs is the perfect way to get away (and capture some more cute photos).

Oh, and if your baby is slightly on the more horsey side…I’m cool with that too!!


Get in touch with me!!

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