Mr & Mrs H ~ Larmer Tree Gardens

When Tamzin initially emailed me and told me about the venue they had booked, the style they were looking for and that their dog was coming for photos, I knew I had to be their photographer! Tamzin new my name from the time spent working the dog agility circuit. This is where I got fast reflexes and trigger finger..those dogs move FAST and I was in charge of photographing it at National Competition  levels. You can see throughout my site that I attract all the mad dog people!

When Tamzin and Martin came up from Wiltshire and met with me over coffee we discussed their day and I remember suggesting hooking the colour scheme into the Peacock colours to compliment the little dudes wandering around the venue. So i’m gonna take full credit for that bit! ūüėČ

The big day arrived, in April, and we most definitely had April Showers! It rained for most of the day! Luckily, Larmer Tree Gardens has the ‘Singing Theatre’ a domed auditorium,painted beautifully, so we keep their guests dry for the photos. I, however was juggling 2 cameras, an umbrella and rain dripping down my neck. Not the most glamorous of moments!

But we are British and a spot of rain will never beat us!

So please, enjoy this gorgeous Peacock styled wedding. And THAT DRESS!!!!

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Mr & Mrs B ~ Bordesley Park

Ella and Steve contacted me after her lovely bridesmaid Becky met me at Lyde Court for Meg and James’ wedding last September. She said such sweet things about me that they decided to book me. I hadn’t been to Bordesley Park before and I was delighted to meet with them and take a tour of the venue.

Ella and Steve had a gorgeous blue and pink colour pallette and an afternoon tea wedding breakfast. It was a FREEZING day so fair play to the girls eh?!

I had a blast shooting with this hilarious pair on their special day and I hope you enjoy these highlights.

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Mr & Mrs W ~ Glenfall House

Please let me introduce you to Mr and Mrs Williams. They got married 11th feb 2018 at the GORGEOUS Glenfall House, Cheltenham. They are from South London, and some of the guests were from my hometown of Sidcup, which is rare in these ‘ere parts!!


There is ‘something’ about this wedding….the details are pretty unique in gorgeous gold and turqouise.¬† I thought the vibe and atmosphere was something I would share with you. There were massive emotional highs and lows throughout the day, and they were the warmest, loveliest¬†lot.¬†

Cat’s personal styling with her cousins- the bridesmaids- is quite Hollywood Glam, and one of these cousins made all the paper bouquets¬†and button holes and table decor!!¬†


Kind Words from Cat and Phil

“Sheryl is an amazing photographer and on top of that so much fun to be around. She put as both totally at ease for our engagement shoot and our wedding photos and the results really speak for themselves. She has a really unique style and I love the way she captured our big day exactly as it was, full of emotion and laughter. I won’t hesitate to recommend Sheryl and she will definitely be the first person I call next time I’m in need of some beautiful photos!
Thank you so much Sheryl xxx”

“Not just an amazingly talented photographer but also saved the day at my cousins wedding by sacrificing her own hair grips to secure her veil. Absolutely lovely!”

Cat and Phils big day was featured by big wedding blog ‘Want That Wedding, and you can read all of their details righ

wedding credits / photographer: oobaloos phootgraphy / wedding venue: glenfall house, cheltenham / brides dress & veils: ellis bridal / grooms suit: marks and spencer / brides shoes: newlook / bridesmaid dresses: vivien of holloway / bridesmaid shoes: their own / hair & makeup: holly preston / paperflowers: stems from paper / catering: trowbridge catering / entertainment: the sweet & lowdown via function central


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Find Your Free Side: Workshop Reviews

Last month, a room full of photographers joined together armed with camera’s, prisms, cups of tea and an open mind to learn how to apply creative shooting and editing techniques to everyday situations. I handed over my experience and knowledge of how to use hard light, soft light, shadows and artificial light to your advantage and how to think outside of the box. All of the techniques can¬†be applied to family, lifestyle, documentary and wedding photography.

I asked my attendees to send me their favourite images that they shot on the workshop, along with some of what they have shot since…I hope they speak for themselves, I am so so proud of them!!



Rose and Rainbow Photography



Sophie Ransome Photography

Pink Elephant Photography

Natasha Meek Photography

Camilla Caplin Photography

Hayley Clemmens Captures


The Rose Photography Co

Course Prerequisites:

Must have a DSLR camera,

Prime lens with the ability to manually focus to infinity

An open mind

WREXHAM, NORTH WALES: Sunday 17th June 2018

STAMSHAW, PORTSMOUTH: Sunday 22nd July 2018

BASILDON, ESSEX: Sunday 30th September 2018

ENFIELD, NORTH LONDON: Sunday 7th October 2018

All 10.30am til 4.30pm


£145 per person

£50 deposit, the rest 7 days before date.

CONTACT ME me to book!

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The Cotswolds to The Capital: Wedding Photography Workshop

This weekend I jumped in my little red car and pootled along the M4 and M25…the M25 was a far slower pootle I might add. Friday night commute, yay!! Eventually I landed in Sidcup,¬† and stayed with my best friend of a million gazillion years.

The next morning, said best friend saved me a whole load of trouble and ran me up to Greenwich, since parking in town is either impossible or ridiculously expensive! There I finally met the awesome Lisa Lobanova. We had been planning and discussing and skyping about our workshop since mid December and it was so good to finally meet!

We set up at The Greenwich Arts and Community Centre for our Theory day. There, Lisa and I both went through everything we both know about the different ways to start in Wedding Photography, how to stand out, be yourself, and keep clients happy. And do you know what? Lisa and I cant half talk!! But fun was had by all, with lots of questions, discussion and some fab points raised.

Day 2 started off at The Novotel’s conference room talking through Creative shooting, how to shoot in the City, making the most of other people as props, the general street art around you, hard and artificial light sources, and how to put them into practise.

In the afternoon, 9 of us followed our beautiful couple, with the stylist around the streets of Greenwich and into the famous Greenwich Park. Stylist Ksenia Fokina kept changing up our couples looks with different colours, textures and accessories. We started with a relaxed engagement shoot style, then upped to to an elopement style and finished with a very funky bride in her gown and Groom in a tux. Ksenia was on hand at every moment to keep our couple looking tip top for our crowd of photographers.

Tatiana Doroguaya was our make up artist and hair stylist for the shooting part of the workshop and gave our bride Sasha a stunning natural but slighty smokey look which really showed off those baby blue peepers! Her hair was tonged and styled in soft waves and braids for a boho look.

Both Lisa and I set up our shots, directed the couples and led the group with pointers and prompts of how and why we were shooting as we were. Everyone had ample opportunity to get their shots and from what I am seeing coming through the groups this morning, they are already looking STUNNING! I am so proud!

It was a fantastic honour teaching alongside Lisa Lobanova, a photographer that I have admired for years! I cannot wait to share with you some of the resulting images from the attendees and some more of their feedback.


“This weekend couldn’t be better! Two amazing and inspiring teachers, talented group of beautiful ladies and this sunny weather!

Thanks everyone, it was a pleasure and I cannot wait to see our results”


Thank you to the team that helped make it all happen:

My co-host: Lisa Lobanova

Models: Sasha and Andrey

Couples stylist :  Ksenia Fokina Facebook and Instagram

Hair and Make up: Tatiana Dorogaya

Florist: Valentina Bogdevic

Gowns: Models own


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Mr & Mrs T: First Wedding of 2018, Cowley Manor

A week before Christmas 2017 I received an email seeing if I was available to photography a very small intimate wedding in just 5 weeks! What better was to start the year than a few hours, with happy people, with warm cosy fires.

I met with Elaine and Matthew at their venue Cowley Manor near Cheltenham just after Christmas and I immediately warmed to Elaine’s infectious laugh, expressions and Northern Irish accent! I could see how Matthew looked at her when she spoke and it was endearing.¬†Whilst chatting to them both I found out they¬†they had been together for 15 years but planning a wedding in 5 weeks.

Old fashioned family values was the ‘theme’ to their wedding, if you can even call it a theme. Two people declaring their love together in front of their nearest and dearest followed by a dinner in a private room around one big table.

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting to both of their families during the relaxed few hours I spent with them and left for home with a cosy feeling.

I wish you both the very best congratulations and love in the world.



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Mr & Mrs P, last wedding of 2017, at Pendrell Hall

Well I am sitting here, prepping my gear up for my first wedding of 2018. As a ‘darker shooter’ I tend to be working all year round, not just in ‘wedding season’. I am so glad for that as I have been getting twitchy with just FOUR WEEKS off shooting weddings. Next festive break 2018/2019 I have weddings on the 22nd Dec, 27th Dec, 2nd Jan and 16th Jan… no rest for the very wicked! Ahh it keeps me out of trouble…Kinda.

This wedding is very special to me. I met Laura and Will back in September 2015 when I was shooting their friends wedding. They were memorable to me because the happy couple, Becky and Martyn wanted pictures with them before they moved¬†to New Zealand the next week. I also remember them catching my eye on the dance floor with some very nifty moves….scroll to the end to see!

Laura is originally from Wolverhampton, so when she emailed me (usually at 11pm!) from New Zealand about shooting their wedding in the Midlands, I jumped at the chance.  Will is a native New Zealander and he, his ushers and friends had me in stitches.

They got married at the church Laura had grown up in. This church had very strict rules on photography, so myself and my second shooter Michelle did our best to capture key moments from the back balcony and the door. Thank heavens for a hefty zoom lens and an imagination!

We then all headed back to the gorgeous Pendrell Hall, on the edge of Staffordshire, which was tastefully decorated in a festive theme which complemented the forest green of Laura and Will’s colour scheme.

The rest, I will leave to tell you in pictures, because, after all, that’s the bit they hired me to do!

Thank you to Laura and Will for trusting me with their memories, Michelle for all her help and support that day, and the awesome staff at Pendrell Hall!

Love, Sheryl





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Do it your Way! Interview with Pippa, a Cotswolds Celebrant

This month I wanted to approach a personal wedding choice that my husband and myself made, and is becoming more popular. Gone are the days when you had either a church, or a registry office. Then came Civil Ceremonies where you could find a gorgeous manor house or quirky abode that was registered for marriages. But what if you want something even more personal? A civil ceremony must be performed under a fixed, permanent structure to be legal. You want to get married on a beach or a mountaintop? Here is your solution. I spoke to lovely Pippa about what it is like to be a Celebrant.

What is a celebrant?

So what‚Äôs a ‚Äėcelebrant‚Äô? A Wedding Celebrant is someone who is trained in providing a custom made wedding ceremony.

A celebrant will help to develop the couple’s ideas, create and choreograph all the aspects of the ceremony and be there to support them on the day itself. They will then conduct the ceremony in front of the guests.

A celebrant is not a registrar. For a marriage to be legally recognised it will need a separate service within a registry office or approved venue and although the legal part almost becomes secondary, it is necessary. Once completed the couple have the opportunity to make their own commitment vows to each other in a venue of their choosing and with the people they love as witnesses.

The venue does not have to be ‚Äėapproved‚Äô and is usually an outdoor ceremony or in a place that is personal to them. Marquees in the back garden, the grounds of a manor house or in a barn or the local pub are all popular choices.

Legally marrying in England involves a very short civil ceremony at a Registry Office, where you make a Declaration and Marriage Contract, in front of two witnesses.  Fees vary but are often between £50 and £60 for a Standard Ceremony. In Gloucestershire the fee is £50.    You don’t have to dress up or even have to exchange rings at this stage saving that for the privately conducted celebratory ceremony led by the Celebrant.

Think of it in the same way as a christening or funeral. You register the birth or death and then the baby-naming or funeral is purely symbolic but the most significant part of the process.

 Many couples believe that marriage is more than signing a piece of paper, and are looking for a more meaningful, intimate and personal ceremony, hence choose a celebrant to help them create the occasion just the way they want.

Hiring a wedding celebrant gives couples the freedom to be creative and include lots of additional touches; perhaps lighting Unity Candles, holding a Sand, Handfasting or Rose Ceremony.

What made you choose this occupation?

My husband and I were married in 2012 in Yosemite National Park in California. It was an ‚Äėelopement‚Äô wedding as it was just the two of us, the minister and his next door neighbour as our witness!

We were living in New Zealand at the time and one of my friends was a celebrant who helped us create our ceremony to be conducted by the minister in the States. The whole process was such fun that when we returned to the UK in 2014 I trained with The Fellowship of Professional Celebrants and became a celebrant myself. With my PE teaching background public speaking and voice projection are a bonus!


How many variations are there in a service?

This is what is so fabulous about having a celebrant work with you on your wedding ceremony …. the only limitation is your imagination and creativity. Because the ceremony itself is a symbolic celebration you aren‚Äôt restricted by the legalities. Each wedding is tailor-made to suit the individual couple and no wedding is the same.

Your wedding day should be the best day of your life, and I love helping couples create a ceremony that is memorable, unique and very special.  I always consider it a great honour to be asked to be part of such a significant day in someone’s life.

What is your favourite type of service?

I love a small intimate wedding with just a few guests. It feels more romantic and personal. One option I always offer to my couples is the opportunity to exchange their vows in private away from the guests.

Weddings can sometimes lose their sense of purpose amongst the flowers, the dress, the guest list, the bar tab and speeches….. that is, to pledge your love to your soulmate.¬† Saying intimate words in front of a hundred people can undermine their value and sincerity. On the other hand it can also highlight how important marital vows are to the gathered group of people.

Any humorous stories?

One ceremony I am looking forward to this month is going to take place in a dementia care home as the bride’s father is a resident!! She wants her dad to be part of the ceremony but I am told that some of the other residents may make an impromptu appearance! It should be interesting!

Marmite. Love or hate.

Love, love, love…. especially with peanut butter!!

Pippa Ward

[email protected]

07709 264434

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The Cheltonian~ Real Wedding at Matara

Alison gives us some insight in how she planned and styled her alternatively coloured wedding at The Matara Centre, Kingscote with wedding photography by myself!

If you love colour and are searching for styling ideas for your wedding which are a little more interesting than most, gorgeous wedding is perfect! The multicoloured hanging lanterns are spellbinding ‚Äď alongside Alison‚Äôs ribbon decorations and pretty DIY touches, they make for a fabulous theme and colour palette! Here are Bride, Alisons top tips on how to create the wedding YOU want!


“Our wedding was exactly what we wanted. Styling was colourful but simple. I love tulips so was set on these as my flowers. I pinned a lot of rustic type things but decided to put my own spin on things with colourful ribbon instead of twine and string.
Sheryl just got us. We already loved her style of photography so was so looking forward to seeing the final images. She’s easy to get along with and knows exactly how to get the best out of you. Leon and I don’t do romantic very well as we tend to laugh but we have some lovely photos, you’d never know we cracked up 2 seconds later!
I love tulips. My bouquet was white tulips then each bridesmaids had a different colour tulip. My flower girls had a basket of 1 tulip in each colour and gypsophila and the men had 1 tulip buttonhole thatch their colour. Leon had two white tulips. Our centrepieces were small crates from ikea which I stained as they looked too new, filled with white tulips and gypsophila. We also had jars of gypsophila lining the aisle.
Do it your way. Don‚Äôt worry about what other people think, if you want it do it, if you don‚Äôt want to invite that person, don‚Äôt. People want you to have your day and will enjoy it with you!”

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Oobaloos Wedding Photography published in ROCK N ROLL BRIDE magazine!

Well I think you all heard me scream from the rooftops when I got the YES from Kat at Rock N Roll Bride. This has been my biggest goal since starting wedding photography and I’m so excited! Thank you to Jemma and Jason for being so on board with our submission!! Not only was it a YES, but it was a YES PLEASE for the print magazine! So here I have the PDF’s Kat¬†sent me over from the magazine layout. You can purchase the magazine from¬†here, or at WH SMITHS or Sainsbury’s.


How we met:¬†Jay and I knew each other at school! We even had a little kiss in our late teenage years. We lost touch and reconnect through facebook, about 5 years ago he commented on a post of mine about a horror film I was watching, we started talking and he asked me out on a date…we have been together ever since.

Our Wedding theme: An eclectic mix of vintage, country glam. Jay is country bumpkin at heart and I am a city slicker girly girl!! Our styles are different but work well together.

Inspiration for Wedding: Timeless beauty and staying true to who we are.

Anything to make our wedding unique and different: We wanted our wedding to be super relaxed and informal, we didn’t have readings or a massively structured day, we went with the flow and kept it simple and fun, creating a chill vibe for us and our family and friends. We also chose a venue with only 2 rooms, we purposely did this as we wanted everyone to always be together and close, rather than many rooms and loosing that intimate feeling.

One thing we wish we would have known:  Not to sweat the small stuff, it all comes together in the end and works.

About the Ceremony: it was intimate with 60 guests, no readings, just us saying our commitment to each other, short and sweet. It was an unplugged ceremony with guests asked to put away their phones until after, so they could be in the moment with us and not behind their phones. I can remember my legs started shaking under my dress! Then Jay got his words wrong and everyone laughed, it took the edge off and in that instant I felt calm, it was beautiful and very emotional.

Funny or significant stories about the day: Just one funny moment when Jay arrived at the venue to find a projector had been put up in the reception room by the groomsmen! He had that sinking feeling you get when you know photos from your past are coming back to haunt you! Thankfully the boys were not too brutal, but there were one or two unflattering pictures shown during the speeches!

DIY Projects: I bought a frame and used some string with Polaroid pictures of our life together so far hanging on the string, it felt nice to see our past there on the first day of our new future.

Favourite part of the wedding: Seeing everything all come together and dancing the night away with everyone I love in one room.

Biggest expense: This would be the venue, we knew if we got the right place, the right food and the right atmosphere then everything else would just fall into place, and it totally did ‚ėļ

Saving Money:  We saved money on decorations. The venue was so beautiful we didn’t need to go crazy with balloons or loads of decorations, we kept it simple.

Best thing about planning the wedding: The excitement of it all, feeling special and going to tasting days, wedding fares etc, it brought Jay and I closer together.

Worst thing: Has to be paying the bills! Lol

Anything we would do differently: Not one thing, we loved every moment.

Any advice for Brides and grooms: Take time to enjoy it as the day will go fast. Remember that the day is about your relationship and your next step together. Jay and I kept sneaking off to spend time together, it meant everything. We would always check in on each other and stayed close throughout the day and evening, I am so glad we did.

.My Dress: Designer Mori Lee from White Lace and Promises

.My veil: also from White lace, I am unsure of the designer.

.Shoes: Designer is purchased from

.Choker: from

.Earring: from Debenhams

.Hair: Sarah Ridge (the owner of Rosie Shaw cakes! A Lady of many talents)

.Makeup: Katy Pheiffer

.My Husbands outfit:  from Tux & tails in Bristol

. Bridesmaid dresses: designer is purchased at and custom detailing added to their belts.

.Cake: Sarah Ridge

.Flowers: Grace at

.Stationary: Table names =¬†¬†Favour ‚Äúthanks you‚ÄĚ tags =¬†

.Caterer: hotel chef Matthew Briddon

. Band: John Adams

. DJ: Mike Hackett

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Mr & Mrs H tie the knot at Lyde Court, Herefordshire

When Georgie contacted me nearly 2 years ago, saying she wanted an Alternative Wedding Photographer, I knew we were ¬†match made in heaven. She saw my style before I was even sure what my style was! As the day came closer and we met up at the stunning Lyde Court in Herefordshire, I got ridiculously excited about shooting hers and Andy’s wedding.

Lyde Court have managed to clean the barn up JUST ENOUGH to smarten it for weddings but have very cleverly kept it rustic and un tampered enough to preserve all its charm. It is a delightful place and I can highly recommend it.

The day started in a flurry of activity in both camps. The girls twittered and frittered whilst the boys were cool, calm and collected! I could feel some nerves in the air. The second Georgie arrived at Andy’s side the nervous atmosphere broke and Georgie’s infectious bubbly personality took over!

Georgie and Andy were high school sweethearts and they are so easy to be around as a couple. Their friends are very very important to them and had just as much importance on this day as their family. They were definitely surrounded with love.

Have you ever seen a Rodeo Sheep? As Shepherd was a maiden name in Georgie’s mum’s family, a SHEEP was ordered. As you can imagine this caused hilarity and i got some corkers of pics of various guests, young and old trying to beat the clock and stay on the sheep.

In the evening, Wish Upon a Sparkle arrived sprinkling fairy dust and glitter and a festival atmosphere becoming apparent with the dance floor filling with House music and a rave began!

I would like to thank Georgie and Andy and all of their friends and family for making me feel so very welcome. I wish you all the best luck in the world!!




oobaloos alternative wedding photography_lyde court_herefordshire

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A ‘behind the scenes’ look at our hit featured Punk Inspired Shoot at The Barn at Upcote

When Erin at Way Out Wedding first approached me about styling a shoot together, I was absolutely delighted. Erin published one of my first ever Inspirational Editorials and has been a beautiful supporter of my work ever since. I can definitely say she has had a hand in the direction I have now taken my work, showing me that ‘out there’ and just being yourself really do have a place in this industry. Thank you Erin. MWAH!!

We had no clue what we wanted to do! So met for coffee, bashed around various themes, and by the time we left, an idea had taken root. I suggested The Barn at Upcote as they were so lovely and supportive the last time I worked there. Unfortunately it ended up raining HARD all day so we couldn’t venture outside for pictures at all!! I immediately contacted Emma at Frock It as I knew she was the woman for the job! Emma, along with Kelly, make, embellish and design the most unique items of clothing and as soon as I told her our idea she was off and running! I then remembered that Jan at Atelier 19 had expressed an interest in working with me. With her award winning embroidery work i knew we were onto a good thing. After that I stepped back and watched the master stylist, Erin, at work. She pulled together a team of suppliers and models from all 4 corners of the UK and all the sneak peeks popping into our private facebook group were getting us all very excited!

Please enjoy first the ‘Behind The Scenes’ look at how one of these shoots come together, then the ‘Directors Cut’ of the finished images! If you would like to see our full feature on Want That Wedding, please click here.


credits: creative direction and styling ‚Ästway out wedding¬†/ photography:¬†oobaloos photography¬†/ dresses, bustle, jewellery and embellished leather jackets:¬†atelier 19¬†/ tulles and diy ‚Äėpretty vacant‚Äô shirt:¬†no debutante¬†/ veils and headpieces:¬†gemma sangwine¬†/ millinery:¬†la dame au b√©ret¬†/ jewellery and accessories: stylist‚Äôs own; atelier 19; gemma sangwine; la dame au b√©ret / suit, embellished acid denim:¬†frock it bride¬†/ shoes:¬†charla tedrick; no debutante / mua:¬†bella bridal hair by sandie¬†/ hair: joanna vallender at¬†vallender salon¬†/ cake:¬†french made¬†/ stationery:¬†dewinton paper co.¬†/ flowers:¬†the flower girls¬†/ props:¬†teapots and tiaras¬†/ crockery and tableware: stylist‚Äôs own;¬†wild & violet¬†/ venue:¬†the barn at upcote¬†/ models:¬†tammy jaqueline snipe;¬†emily ball

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