Blue hair, tats, an authentic stetson and a couple that rock it!

Round Two of my Sunset Couples shoots! I met Shelley and Pete at a wedding last year and I loved their style, and their attitude. I picked them as the ‘Photographers Choice’ win as they fit in exactly with me, my style, and my slightly kookie ways!

Please enjoy these images, we had a lot of fun, I was in the river too and I adore this session!!


shelleypete-1 shelleypete-4 shelleypete-5 shelleypete-8 shelleypete-9 shelleypete-10 shelleypete-11 shelleypete-13 shelleypete-14 shelleypete-15 shelleypete-16 shelleypete-19 shelleypete-20 shelleypete-21 shelleypete-22 shelleypete-23 shelleypete-24 shelleypete-25 shelleypete-26 shelleypete-27 shelleypete-28 shelleypete-29 shelleypete-30 shelleypete-31 shelleypete-32 shelleypete-33 shelleypete-34 shelleypete-35 shelleypete-37 shelleypete-38 shelleypete-39 shelleypete-40 shelleypete-41 shelleypete-43 shelleypete-44 shelleypete-45 shelleypete-47

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