Festival Styled DIY wedding with the Golden Touch

When I spoke to Kate about her and Jon’s wedding, I was immediately excited. They aren’t local to the Cotswolds and had been looking for a venue somewhere central for all of their family to get to easily from across the country and indeed the globe. They found a little church in Rodmarton with the perfect field just a few minute walk up the road adjoined to the Village Hall.

The ceremony was to be a blessing, surrounded by all of their friends and family, followed by an all-out festival styled party. They made quite a procession walking down from the church leaving their cricket bat archway!

Kate styled this day perfectly, with details some delicately placed, gold animals, bespoke artwork by her bridesmaid for table plan and even a good ol British pub quiz (requested and hosted by a close American friend)

On the phone, Kate mentioned a ‘Kazoo-Off’…..I didn’t ask…I just waited to see. this involved every table being given a song to play as a team and everyone else guess it! Since the room was half full of musicians, you can guess that this got pretty competitive!

The day was topped off by glorious weather, light cloud cover, and as the evening drew in, the party commenced with guest DJ’s, bands, and a whole lot of dancing.

I made no secret to Kate and Jon that I couldn’t wait to edit their wedding, so here it is….I hope you love it as much as I do!!

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