Mr & Mrs H ~ Larmer Tree Gardens

When Tamzin initially emailed me and told me about the venue they had booked, the style they were looking for and that their dog was coming for photos, I knew I had to be their photographer! Tamzin new my name from the time spent working the dog agility circuit. This is where I got fast reflexes and trigger finger..those dogs move FAST and I was in charge of photographing it at National CompetitionĀ  levels. You can see throughout my site that I attract all the mad dog people!

When Tamzin and Martin came up from Wiltshire and met with me over coffee we discussed their day and I remember suggesting hooking the colour scheme into the Peacock colours to compliment the little dudes wandering around the venue. So i’m gonna take full credit for that bit! šŸ˜‰

The big day arrived, in April, and we most definitely had April Showers! It rained for most of the day! Luckily, Larmer Tree Gardens has the ‘Singing Theatre’ a domed auditorium,painted beautifully, so we keep their guests dry for the photos. I, however was juggling 2 cameras, an umbrella and rain dripping down my neck. Not the most glamorous of moments!

But we are British and a spot of rain will never beat us!

So please, enjoy this gorgeous Peacock styled wedding. And THAT DRESS!!!!

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