Mr & Mrs P, last wedding of 2017, at Pendrell Hall

Well I am sitting here, prepping my gear up for my first wedding of 2018. As a ‘darker shooter’ I tend to be working all year round, not just in ‘wedding season’. I am so glad for that as I have been getting twitchy with just FOUR WEEKS off shooting weddings. Next festive break 2018/2019 I have weddings on the 22nd Dec, 27th Dec, 2nd Jan and 16th Jan… no rest for the very wicked! Ahh it keeps me out of trouble…Kinda.

This wedding is very special to me. I met Laura and Will back in September 2015 when I was shooting their friends wedding. They were memorable to me because the happy couple, Becky and Martyn wanted pictures with them before they moved to New Zealand the next week. I also remember them catching my eye on the dance floor with some very nifty moves….scroll to the end to see!

Laura is originally from Wolverhampton, so when she emailed me (usually at 11pm!) from New Zealand about shooting their wedding in the Midlands, I jumped at the chance.  Will is a native New Zealander and he, his ushers and friends had me in stitches.

They got married at the church Laura had grown up in. This church had very strict rules on photography, so myself and my second shooter Michelle did our best to capture key moments from the back balcony and the door. Thank heavens for a hefty zoom lens and an imagination!

We then all headed back to the gorgeous Pendrell Hall, on the edge of Staffordshire, which was tastefully decorated in a festive theme which complemented the forest green of Laura and Will’s colour scheme.

The rest, I will leave to tell you in pictures, because, after all, that’s the bit they hired me to do!

Thank you to Laura and Will for trusting me with their memories, Michelle for all her help and support that day, and the awesome staff at Pendrell Hall!

Love, Sheryl





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