Natalie and Jim’s Barn Wedding in Cider Country

I met Natalie and Jim through a mutual friend and was excited when they contacted me about their DIY wedding in Jim’s aunty’s working farm barn down in Somerset! It was this time a year ago that they travelled to me so we could meet and have an engagement shoot with their furbaby Chester….

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Natalie and Jim’s wedding was set in the heart of Cider Country, and this theme played pretty heavily in their day! Will their own ‘Chesters Choice’ and a bath tub full of Thatchers.

The barn was decorated in lampshades and fairy lights and all flowers (believe it or not) were faux. Which, because of the heat that day, was an extremely good decision.

Everybody pitched in on this wedding to make it a ‘family style’ with platters of proper farmhouse grub and a stunning cake!!

I adored my tea in the china cups and cake….a well fed photographers is a happy photographer!!!


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