Oobaloos listed in 50 Best UK Wedding Photographers 2017

Oobaloos Wedding Photography listed in the 50 Best UK Wedding Photographers

This afternoon, I received a surprising email from ‘Go Hen’, who are one of the biggest movers and shakers in the Hen Party Planning Business. Every year since I have started shooting Wedding Photography I have scrolled down this list, spotting big names, gorgeous work and inspiring write up for 50 hand picked photographers around the United Kingdom.

Now little old me shooting my Wedding Photography from The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire was never going to be noticed was I?!

How wrong was i?! Sitting there, next to some of the artists who inspire me is ‘Oobaloos Photography’! I wont lie, I was shocked, amazed and very emotional!

Here is what they had to say:

“Sheryl, the founder of the award-winning Oobaloos Photography, likes to do weddings just that little bit differently, and she sincerely hopes you do too. She really seeks out the real feelings of your wedding guests and is an expert at capturing expression, if her galleries are anything to go by. Being behind the camera is her happy place, and you surely will be as well if you’re lucky enough to sample the Oobaloos experience on your special day.”

Thank you so much to everyone at ‘Go Hen’ for taking the time to compile this list and adding me to it. Please read the whole blog here to be inspired!!

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