The Cheltonian: Hatiquette


Hello again! Well, we are well and truly into the wedding season and I have already photographed some really stunning weddings.
Now, what would a wedding be if not a really good reason to go and splurge out on a new outfit and then, of course, the ubiquitous hat!
I spoke to Cotswolds Milliner Lisa Von Hallwyl  about what to look for as just a wedding guest and then also as if you were Mother of the Bride or Groom. Style- Some women like to go for lightness when it comes to hats.
My best tip for this is go smaller with floral detail. If it’s in the summer, go for a trilby style – like some in my summer collection. Then again, it could be a summer straw piece perfect to wear again and again. Tilt- The correct shape of the hat will depend on how you position it to suit your own style. So, make sure that when it’s designed, it conforms to your individual needs and is totally wearable for the day.
Embellish- If you love sparkle then add some Swarovski – a stunning crystal with tiny prisms that catch the light and which enable you to sparkle from ear to ear! Match- Always make sure that you at least match up. Even if you don’t manage to match the shoes then, maybe, get part of them embellished so that they flow together. 1. As a rule of thumb, never ever just get a hat that you haven’t tried on. I know this sounds silly but a lot of women do it – especially those that are in a hurry.
2. Get measured. Everyone’s head size is different so get properly fitted for the occasion. If it’s Ladies’ Day, then the press will be out in force – you don’t want to be caught out and end up in the papers for looking mismatched!
Hair- Consider how it will be, up or down? Some hats obviously suit styles of hair being up and some suit down. Before choosing your hair style you need to find a hat, so work your hair around it – not the other way around!
Build- For smaller women it’s great to go for height. However, don’t out-proportion yourself. Don’t readily assume that height is the best way of getting noticed with your hat. The best hats are the ones that suit the entirety of the look. Taller and the more curvy women with good sized hips go for something slightly shaped with a slant giving your body shape and stature.
A bridal prep69
Hat protection- Keeping your hat protected is very important. For instance, make sure that it’s been covered in waterproof coating should it be threaten to rain.
Shoulder span- When considering your statement hat, width of shoulders and neck is of great importance. For those that have petite shoulders and are slim in build then going beyond your width will give what I call the mushroom effect – especially if it’s a flat hat. It starts to make you look smaller – especially a basic brim. If you want a big hat then start from one side of your shoulder and think about height and have it at a slant so that it lifts you rather than widening you.
For more curvy women – i.e. if you have broader shoulders and curvy hips – then don’t go for a small hat as it won’t compliment your shape. Rather, accent by the use of a taller hat with shape which will then have the effect of elongating your figure.
Have fun -Wear something that you feel good and comfortable in. Hopefully, it will be a long and happy day for all concerned – but parts of it could become a little arduous, so make sure that you get to the end of it in relative comfort and, more to the point, intact!

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