Winners of {natures backdrop}

Melissa and Myself are very excited to introduce you to this week’s guest judge, UK based photographer Jamie Sia Gadong. Jamie is very well loved and respected in the photography community as not only is he crazily talented, he is also very supportive and a friend to everyone….he is our very own Guy with the Bow Tie this week. Also a contributor on The Dark Room he is very familiar with community pages and how helpful they are to us all.
Jamie has a few words about how he feels about being asked to judge here this week.

Jamie Sia Photography

“I always lovely being part of such a community and I believe it’s importance for overall achievement is paramount to everyone’s success.

I love natural, well composed and creative photography. I am far from a traditional photographer so like work that is as much. Connection in photos, a story or indeed something that is different usually catches my eye. Photography of course is so subjective and to be able to grade it is a difficult but I suppose the best judgement are those of your peers and of people you respect. That goes along way for me. With all that being said, do photography for you and no one else. Do it because it makes you happy and nothing else. Money, fame and status are just things that you may come across but if you aren’t happy then it’s worth nothing at all.”

1st Place: Kristi James Photography


1 – The connection of the couple is palpable and lighting is on point. I love the deep contrast. 3

2nd Place : Creative Edge Photography


2 – Again the connection is so lovely. The backlight brings it all together, composition is spot on.

3rd Place: Tammy Davis Photography

Natures Backdrop-38

3- This is what it’s all about, catching the emotions, the love, the joy. , I’m loving the near bokeh and the light coming through the trees

Keep your {bridal Prep} images coming in!!


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