Frequently Asked Questions

How many hours does my full day package include?

The OobaLove day is 9 hours, starting around 90 mins before ceremony and ending a few songs after your first dance. This tends to be the most comfortable way to capture your wedding day from the lipstick going on, until the shoes are kicked off for a good boogie!


I deliver anywhere between 400 and 600 images of your wedding day. I always endeavour to show you a ‘sneak peek’ highlights gallery within 48 hours of your wedding as I know many people are eager to show them off on social media quickly. These will be low resolution and web ready.  All final images are all fully edited, high resolution JPEG files, free of any watermarks.
The final number of images is very much dependant on how much is going on, hours travelling and size of wedding.

I can’t see any formal group shots on your website, do you do them?

YES! I will always do these..though they are done quickly and rather informally. I will literally gather your groups up, get a smile, click and move onto the next group. I am 95% a documentary/reportage photographer and I do not want to take you away from your guests, and the canapes of course! I do understand that this may be one of the only times that certain family member get together and it is an important historical reference of your wedding day.

I do however, encourage guests to grab me at any time for smaller group shots throughout the day.

My main aim is to be a photography ninja and blend into the wallpaper and the bushes, capturing real moments as they happen.


Are there any hidden extras?

No, the price quoted above is the price you will pay for wedding ceremonies within a 100 mile radius of GL4.  I would tell you at the time of enquiry if your area would require me to stay overnight near your venue.


How long until we see our pictures? 
You will recieve your highlights gallery withing 3 working days, usually within 48 hours if im not shooting a wedding the day after.  The average editing time is between 3 to 6 weeks depending on the time of year.


What happens if you are ill?

If the worst ever happens and I absolutely cannot make your day, I am part of a fantastic network of photographers that all help each other out if the need arises. I have shot winter weddings through tonsillitis and bronchitis and the venues were fab at keeping my spirits up with hot honey and lemon. My performing arts background instilled ‘The Show Must Go On’ mentality in me and I can always soldier through with the high spirits of my wonderful couples!


Do we have an option of adding on a second photographer?

Personally, I like to take 100% responsibility of capturing your day, and I sleep easier at night knowing that I have shot everything personally.

My style is unique and I feel it wouldnt be fair to my brand to not be the person shooting it all.


 Do you require a meal?

Yes please. I will take break whilst you eat your wedding breakfast and will be back with you ready for speeches. It certainly doesnt have to be a full wedding breakfast..a main course or bar food alternative is just fine. I’m certainly not a fussy eater! NOTE: I HATE MUSHROOMS. If that is a game changer, it’s best you know now…


Will we meet before the wedding? 

I would love to meet you either at your home, venue or somewhere for cake to chat through all your wedding details, preferably around 6-8 weeks before the big day. If that isn’t practical, we can skype chat, and I will eat the cake 🙂

I store your images for up to a year after delivery. I will message you before I delete your files so that you can check your storage and backup.

Do you have full insurance and Public Liability?

Yes, Oobaloos Photography is fully insured by Policy Bee.
Yes. I use three cameras with many different lenses on the day and also carry backup lenses and flashes too.
As soon as you are happy to proceed, a non refundable booking fee of 25% of the full package price will secure my services for the day. The balance will need to be paid no later than 30 days before the wedding day. I will email you the payment details and agreement you need to sign. Once both of these are back with me, your date is officially booked.
If you have any further questions or would like to just have a chat about your day, please contact me here.



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